I’ve never felt like this before, said a young man who had coronavirus

Román Bocchiaro is a Rosario 34 years old who defines himself as “healthy” and “strong”, without comorbidities or previous pathologies. But, nevertheless, through an oversight he contracted the coronavirus and admits that he had a very bad time.

“When they ask me what it looks like, I tell them I don’t know, because I have no record of having had angina or the flu. I can’t compare it to anything,” says this man from Rosario, who left work for a few minutes to be able to talk about an illness that he admits that he underestimated, but that he now affirms that it was “horrible, it was forgotten”.

When he talks about carelessness, it is because he himself admits that about a month ago, when the quarantine had been relaxed a bit, he attended a barbecue with friends. “I let my guard down, I did not comply with the recommendations of the experts, I did not wear a chinstrap or I respected social distancing or anything. And there I got infected. After 2 or 3 days, a friend who had been to the barbecue told us that she had tested positive and there we started with my partner, who is pregnant, to isolate ourselves. At that time I saw the virus far away like most people, thinking that it was not going to touch me, “she says today, already recovered and after having had a bad time.

She related that with her partner, who was seven months pregnant at the time, they isolated themselves and that she “luckily”, she admits, had only loss of smell and taste, a little fever one day and tiredness another and nothing more.

“But it hit me harder, I was lying in bed for three days, I was inappete, I had stomach and muscle pains. I had almost all the symptoms and fever. I had 3 horrible days, to forget, without being able to move and without wanting to nothing. I felt like I have never felt before, “said this young man, who admitted that he tried to” put up with it “so as not to go to a sanatorium because I thought it would pass quickly. “And it took me three days, the second day I was scared and the third also, because it was hard,” he said.

Asked if at that time the way of thinking about the virus had changed, he said: “The worst thing was when you get rid of everything and start counting the days to see how your family is. I was very afraid for my old man, who he has a heart problem, because if he infects it, you won’t come back from it. How do you handle that moment, how do you handle that guilt. When I was three days in bed I realized that it was not nonsense, that it was not a flu. “

He also considered that many people do not tell the truth when they talk about the way they were infected. “There is a serious issue in the media, in show business people and politicians when they get infected, because they say I don’t know where I get infected, or it was by going to the supermarket. A lie, we all know where we get infected. We have to be responsible and take charge of the clubs that one sends “, argued in dialogue with Radio 2.

On what he thinks of the antiquarantine marches, he also took a position. “For me you have to prioritize health over money, it is a scale of values. What I can get to say is that this is not a joke.”


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