Ivory Coast: Gbagbo announces probable political retirement, but according to his own agenda

The curtain fell this Sunday, October 17 on the foundation congress of the Party of African Peoples-Côte d’Ivoire (PPA-CI) with the election of Laurent Gbagbo at the head of this political formation. In his orientation speech, the former President of the Republic announced a probable political retirement, but according to his own agenda and at his own pace.

At a time when the issue of the age limit for the 2025 presidential election is animating the Ivorian political debate, and some are even arguing for the retirement of the “ big three ” namely Gbagbo, Bédié and Ouattara, the he former Ivorian president, newly elected at the head of his new party, took advantage, this Sunday, October 17, of his masterful orientation speech to set foot in the dish.

According to Laurent Gbagbo, no one has the right to impose a political agenda and calendar on him. “I will be in politics until I die!” But it is I, and I alone, who will decide in what form I will do politics. It is I, and I alone, who will decide in what form I will continue my fight (…). So this debate must be stopped (…); it is presumptuousness, ”declared the former head of state. Before announcing that the handover to the new generation will be done, but in a supervised manner. In order not to fall into the same pitfalls of the past which led to a leadership crisis and a bicephalism in his own from the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), his former party, now held by his then colt Pascal Affi N’Guessan.

Laurent Gbagbo believes, moreover, that it is necessary that the exit of the elders from the political scene is a prepared exit. Rightly, he reveals that his new party has been structured to prepare for his withdrawal. “At this age that I have and with my background, the wisdom is to prepare to leave. But I have decided that I will not leave abruptly, because I had done it the first time and it led to disaster. Wisdom therefore recommends that I prepare for this outing. My ambition today is to leave. But not to leave to abandon yourself. However, I will not allow anyone to decide when to leave, ”explained Laurent Gbagbo. While warning that in case of necessity he will be ready to return to the front of the stage if necessary.

President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire between October 2000 and April 2011, Laurent Gbagbo returned to his country last June after 10 years at the International Criminal Court (ICC) following an acquittal of all charges of crime against the humanity that weighed against him.

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