Ivory Coast: Nymba platform makes it easier for advertisers to choose display spaces

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Innovation in the outdoor advertising ecosystem in Côte d’Ivoire, with Nymba. Before the launch of this digital tool, an advertiser who wanted to launch a poster campaign had to contact dozens of advertising networks and do a tedious job to make his choice. Nymba is bringing about change in a rapidly changing industry.

Launched during the last quarter of 2020, so a few months ago, Nymba is a digital platform that should make it easier for advertisers to choose outdoor advertising space in Côte d’Ivoire. Armel Koffi is the promoter.

« It is a fairly large project, which requires the involvement of several actors. We had to go and convince the entire ecosystem to trust us and come with us. It was a bit difficult, but today what we did with Nymba, we embed all the display spaces on the platform and we entered various types of data. So that the advertiser who comes today, in 2 clicks, sees the available panels which correspond to what he wants and chooses with much more relevance to have effective display campaigns. »

Before Nymba arrived, a data such as the number of people who could see a poster was missing.

« On each traffic lane there are display spaces, we put traffic data, which allows the advertiser, when he chooses a network, to know approximately how many people will see his campaign every day. »

But the platform has not yet signed agreements with all the advertising agencies in the country. It’s only a matter of time, according to Guillaume Adom, President of CAFCI, the billboard chamber of Côte d’Ivoire and boss of Agence Quartz.

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« I am not yet a member. I asked Nymba that we could meet at the CAFCI level, the billboard room. There are members of the CFACI who are already partners of NYMBA, but we wanted to see the possibility of a general offer to all members of the CAFCI. For the moment, the Quartz management is not yet a member of this platform. »

The display ecosystem is a competitive market today in Côte d’Ivoire and any innovation allowing to gain in reactivity and reliability for advertisers is welcome, according to Dominique Kalif, President of the Ivorian Network of Communicants.

« When you’re looking for efficiency and want to optimize a budget, you need to have practical tools available. And today, the world of advertisers is the taker of everything that is access to the digitization of selection and control tools, because after having taken a campaign on a display network, it is necessary to be able to control that the campaign is actually asked and it is a key issue to be able to verify its impact at the end. We need to be more responsive when we have a product to promote, information to communicate or an activity to launch. We are therefore looking for what is available throughout the network. This is where this solution provided by Nymba comes into its own. »

After Côte d’Ivoire, the Nymba platform intends to conquer the market in the West African sub-region, starting with Mali.


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