Ivory Coast: the political rupture between Simone and Laurent Gbagbo becomes clearer

Simone Gbagbo is distancing herself more and more from the new party of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo called the “Party of African Peoples”. The proof, she would have refused to be part of the team of this political formation which was brought to the baptismal font on October 16, 2021.

Intervening on the antennas of Life Tv in the program “the talk”, the newly chosen executive chairman of the party, Hubert Oulaye, declared to be the one who was on a mission to convince the former first lady to join the party, a mission entrusted to him by Laurent Gbagbo .

“As you have noticed, Madame Simone Gbagbo was not at the founding congress. So question, is she coming or is she not coming? The president’s intention was to see basically whether she is a starting or not. He planned his place on the strategic and political committee by saying to himself, even if we did not see him at the congress, she was not there, she was in the Congo, maybe she intends to continue . I planned his place, you tell him. And that’s what I did, ”he said.

According to the former minister and deputy, “Simone Gbagbo wished not to continue with the current team”. A refusal which clearly shows that the ideology between the two personalities is fracturing more and more.

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