Izïa and the mourning of her father Jacques Higelin: “He is in me forever”

Izïa Higelin confided in the “Parisian” where she notably mentioned the disappearance of her father and the mourning she has been facing for two years.

In an interview with the newspaper “Le Parisien” this Sunday, August 9, 2020, Izïa Higelin confided in her famous father Jacques Higelin, who died more than two years ago. In Calvi for the summer, a place dear to the heart of the singer since it had first been a refuge for the late artist before the young woman found there a source of inspiration for her latest album “Citadelle” ( published in October 2019), Izïa recalled with emotion the memory of her father.

“Citadel”, which she planned to defend during a series of concerts for the time being postponed due to the coronavirus (her tour is being held for September but new arrangements could prevent her from returning to the stage), is indeed a love letter Jacques Higelin. Izïa had composed the album when she was expecting her first child, a little boy born in 2018 a few months after the death of the singer and musician. “When I had my son in my womb and my father disappeared, there was a kind of unexplained, shamanic transmission. He really left me with great strength, ”she said.

She also confided in the mourning of her father, whom she compares a “whale”. “Sometimes it’s huge, huge, it takes up all the space in front of you. Sometimes it goes to the bottom of the ocean, you can’t see it anymore … and all of a sudden, it overwhelms you. It’s in waves. He is in me forever. He accompanies me, he carries me, ”she tenderly and poetically concluded.

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