J Balvin’s parents talk about the depression that afflicts the singer

Photograph provided by UMLA of singer J Balvin. Colombian artist J Balvin decided to share the recipe for his “peace of mind” and what has protected him from “falling into the temptations and vices of this artistic life”. It is about meditation, a practice that keeps him “centered”, as he assured in an interview with EFE.EFE / Umle

Recently J Balvin confessed through his social networks that he is going through a new episode of depression and anxiety.

J Balvin talks about his depression and anxiety

“I don’t like acting, I don’t like to be pretending, because I am a human being like any other. I am also fragile and vulnerable, possibly much more than all of you ”, J Balvin expressed in the recording.

Regarding the subject, the parents of the reggaeton singer gave details, in an interview for Caracol Radio, about the episodes that their son has experienced.

“At this moment he is going through a crisis and it is very hard for the family”, Alba Mary Balvin said.

He also added that “Depression and anxiety are, I could say, almost like the virus we are living in right now”, they assured during the interview.

They also told in the interview with Vanessa de la Torre how they are present to accompany him in those hard times that his son goes through the disease.

“In our case we see that Josecito is a magician to bring light out of the darkness, when we are very clear that the support of a professional is the only thing that can bring it out.”

They also talked about the relationship they have with their son and the trust there is in the family.

“Josecito tells us when he is bad and we go to the psychiatrist because definitely for us it is not a shame”, they expressed.

For its part, communication is important in the Osorio Balvin family, since “Every day we have a family chat where we constantly communicate and see each other by video chat. We have the option of using social networks to stay in touch, the only thing missing is a hug and now it is more difficult due to the pandemic ”, José Osorio confessed.

They also took the moment to talk about depression and the importance that must be given to this disease to which we are all vulnerable.

“This is the time to invite parents, the whole world in general, to listen to young people, everyone, this disease has no age, it has no sex. It does not give you because you are poorer or richer, it is a condition that you give to anyone ”, expressed the mother.


In a recent conversation with Becky G on her podcast “In the living room”, the singer confessed details about the depression he is going through.

During the conversation, Balvin admitted that during one of his crises he did not want to do anything, not even to live. He also recounted the moment when he felt that he had put his musical career aside due to illness.

“I told my dad: ‘I don’t have music. I can not live like this “the singer pointed out.

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