Ja Morant reframes players who complain to Orlando

While the majority of players arrived in Orlando this week, some have found a way to complain about the food or their room. Ja Morant does not really agree, and he decided to tackle them.

Since this week, the Orlando health bubble has finally started. Day after day, several franchises have landed in hotels to settle. After a few hours getting used to the place, head for training where Luka Doncic has already been talked about with an insolent shot in front of his teammates.

This was also the case for other players, but often for less good reasons. Rajon Rondo, for example, had the idea of ​​complaining about his room in the hotel, before being ridiculed by Internet users.

When it’s not the room that’s the problem, it’s the food that is targeted by players. Even if it is not supposed to last, many fans did not like this capricious behavior of certain players in the NBA. And this is the case even within the league, since Ja Morant did not hesitate to reframe his colleagues.

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My room is fine. The food is good. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

At only 20 years old, Morant gives a little lesson to some people who are obviously too used to luxury. For the leader of the Grizzlies, no question of complaining about his situation, and that is to his credit.

A remarkable behavior for a young person of his age, and which confirms that the leader is already special on the floors, but also outside, in terms of mentality.

No problem for Ja Morant in Orlando, who even takes the opportunity to reframe some of his colleagues. Rajon Rondo is warned.

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