Ja Rule clashe (again) 50 Cent!

Ja Rule is not done with his longtime enemy …

There are few rivalries that have been more tenacious than the one between 50 Cent and Ja Rule. It’s been going on for so long (over 20 years) that we almost forgot how it started. Probably a mix between internal label stories, but also insults from both camps and even a few stabs exchanged, according to rumor. The whole sprinkled with a competitive spirit for the throne of New York. Obviously it is not ready to stop and the two rappers still do not let go.

Ja Rule recently returned, during an interview for HipHopDX, on the famous episode during which 50 Cent would have bought all the tickets for a concert by Ja, so that the latter finds himself alone on stage in front of an empty hall. “That’s a lie! A scam, such a big myth … I offer 10,000 dollars now to whoever can find me proof of the bullshit being told by this guy. We live in a world where everything is filmed. Come on man, stop with your cheating “, says the rapper. The episode had notably inspired Franck Gastambide for his series “Valid”.

Ja Rule ends his point by saying that “This story never happened. The stupidest thing about it is that if he ever really did, he would have just put money straight into my pocket.”. We can’t wait to hear 50 Cent’s response to these spikes, we imagine it will be salty.


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