News Jacinda Ardern, a year after the Christchurch attacks

Jacinda Ardern, a year after the Christchurch attacks


As Germany grapples with far-right terrorism after the racist and xenophobic attacks in Hanau on February 19, this portrait from the magazine Time recalls the strength that Jacinda Ardern had shown a year ago when the Christchurch attacks shook the country.

Nearly a year after the attacks that claimed the lives of 51 faithful, on March 15, 2019, in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern “To the attention of the rest of the world”, says Time, which dedicates its front page to him. As the Hanau terrorist attacks on February 19 again confront the international community with the danger of racist hatred, the American magazine returns to “His skilful and discreetly revolutionary management of the crisis”.

The one who is distinguished by her youth, and whose childbirth during her mandate had been much commented, “Was not a stranger on the international scene” before the attacks, said the American magazine. But it was the calm and compassion she showed in the aftermath of such a tragedy that proved the strength of her “Way of governing” and “Really pushed her to the fore.”

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Governance based on “goodness”

“They are us, we are only one”, she hammered over the victims of the shooting, reassuring the Muslim community before condemning the ideology of white nationalism that encouraged the attack. The images showing her wearing a scarf



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