Jack invaded and asked Nong Nat to be his girlfriend and found him to rave back, even raising his hand to pay homage.

The young actor ‘Jack my boyfriend’ drove a car to ask for ‘Nong Nat Ketsarin’ to be his girlfriend for 1 day, but found the other party to push back. He even had to raise his hand in salutation.

Jack asks Nong Nat to be a fan – causing a lot of buzz for the young people after a good-humoured actor like ‘Jack My Boyfriend’ posted a clip ‘My Girlfriend 1 Night – EP.3 trace the birch You will be amazed when you look at it! Nat Ketsarin did this ‘through the YouTube channel’.Jackfanchan‘ by asking Nong Nat to be a girlfriend for 1 day

Start the clip on the young Jack Video call to Nong Nat saying that he wants to be a husband for one night before hurrying to fix it, telling him to be a girlfriend for 1 day, which causes the woman to reply that You can be a husband until Jack hastened to reply to tell him to calm down. I don’t want to go out on the stream

before going to pick up the woman to the hotel But during the reception, the first shot was hit by Nong Nat, attacked until young Jack even cried out. visibly excited Ready to tease myself, tell my boyfriend on the first day and take me to the hotel

As soon as he opened the hotel room, the woman invaded the young actor again and said, “Just a kid on the car, until the young man Jack even raised his hand to pay respect, saying calmly, afraid that he couldn’t control his emotions.” Being a fan must get to know each other first. Because now I’m very afraid of drama. I’ve met 3 times before they both sit and talk normally.

Watch the clip of my boyfriend Jack. click!

Jack, my boyfriend, Nong Nat

Jack invaded and asked Nong Nat to be his girlfriend and found him to return, even raising his hand to pay respects | News by Thaiger

Image: YouTube Jackfanchan

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