Jackson Muleka wants to become a priority at Standard

Providential scorer Sunday in Antwerp, as he had been against Beerschot in the Cup, Jackson Muleka admits to asking a lot of questions. Regarding his status, his playing time, his role in the team and ultimately his future at Sclessin.

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In this December which unleashed passions and set fire to Sclessin, further accentuating a divide between supporters and management that will now be difficult to resolve, Standard will be able to thank Jackson Muleka for a long time to come. Who in the space of a few minutes of play and each time in an extremely complicated context, will alone have calmed many tensions, thanks to goals that fell out of nowhere.

First the one registered against Beerschot, on December 2 in the round of 16 of the Belgian Cup, just six minutes after his rise to the game, while the Liège team seemed very badly on board. Then, the one who, Sunday in Antwerp, thirteen minutes after his appearance on the lawn of Bosuil, offered an unexpected victory to the Rouches who had made the most difficult before losing completely and inexplicably, at 0-1, the thread of the match and their ideas.

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