Jackson Was Accused By Paparazzi Of Bringing Two Girls Home

A paparazzi had released a video showing (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi visiting GOT7’s Jackson’s apartment. The photographer then shared that the GOT7 member’s private driver took 2 strange girls to the singer’s house.

This information raised the suspicion that the idol deceived Yuqi. This prompted Jackson’s agency to announce that they will be filing a lawsuit against the photographer. “Recently, the independent media account “Photographer Liu Da Chui” took advantage of the influential power of the company’s artist, Mr. Wang Jia Er, and released video clips that were reconstructed and deliberately distorted the truth. He even used terms such as “spent the night”, “rose”, “two beautiful women”, “brought her back to Wang Jia Er” and “you understand, I don’t need to say more to mislead the public and create misunderstanding towards Mr. Wang Jia Er. This was done to draw attention to a hidden agenda.” they said.

“the company has already filed a police report in order to protect the rights of Mr. Wang Jia Er” they added.

On social media, Chinese netizens have had mixed reactions. Some netizens express disappointment wondering if Jackson was cheating on Yuqi, while others think it was probably just a casual get-together between friends.

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