Jacob DeGrom exits injury against Phillies

The pitcher of the New York food, Jacob Degrom , left the game against the Philadelphia Phillies in just the second inning with a injury, and your competition for Cy Young is in jeopardy in the MLB 2020.

According to Anthony Dicomo, Degrom came out due to spasms in his right hamstring,

It is a custom that Jacob Degrom He threw more than five innings a game, even though he’s getting a lot of hits, this time, he allowed about 3 runs in two innings of work with four hits and two walks with just 40 pitches.

The leader of the Mets, Luis Rojas, walked out to the mound and everyone thought he was going to have a talk with degrom, he immediately called Michael Wacha.

Jacob Degrom came out somewhat frustrated as he was walking towards the Mets dugout, knowing that if it is a injury happens to majors would be losing the battle with Yu Darvish and Trevor Bauer.

Here the video:

The stellar of the Mets, Jacob Degrom, has an excellent season with a 2.09 ERA with 81 strikeouts in 57 innings, adding a 4-1 record.

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