Jacqueline Galant clarifies her proposal: “Providing enhanced pre-birth support is crucial to obtaining a license for parenthood.”

Jacqueline Galant, the mayor of Jurbise and former federal minister, appeared as a commentator on LN24’s new show “Les Piliers de Comptoir” with Martin Buxant on Sunday. During the show, she discussed the possibility of extending the law on abortion, supporting the idea that women should have the right to decide whether to keep a child or not.

However, she abruptly shifted the discussion to the behavior of certain parents, stating that in some cases, “you would need a permit to be a parent.” Martin Buxant pointed out that this was another debate, but Galant insisted, comparing the situation to having an animal and expressing her shock at the abuse sometimes faced by children.

Her remarks provoked a strong response on social media, prompting Galant to clarify that she did not mean that having children should be prohibited, but that a debate was needed on the duties and responsibilities of being a parent. She suggested placing beacons to remind future parents that they must face the consequences of their actions and receive support from social services.

Galant also proposed providing more support to parents before the birth of the child to educate them about the child’s needs, psychology, and rights and to improve their parenting skills. The controversy prompted by her words indicates the complexity of the issue of parenting and highlights the need for ongoing dialogue and support for parents.

Sunday evening, Jacqueline Galant (mayor MR of Jurbise, former federal minister) was present as a columnist on the set of LN24 to take part in the new show “Les Piliers de Comptoir” with Martin Buxant. On this occasion, she returned to the possibility of an extension of the law on abortion.

Supporting the idea that it is up to women to decide whether or not to keep a child, the mayor of Jurbise abruptly deflected the discussion. Indeed, faced with the “behaviour of certain parents”, Jacqueline Galant does not go there by four paths: “In some cases, you would need a permit to be a parent.”

Faced with these remarks, Martin Buxant quickly points out that it is “another debate”, but the mayor of Jurbise is launched. “It’s the same debate as having an animal todayshe continues. When I see the abuse that sometimes happens to children, I am shocked and I wonder if some parents are fit to be parents”.

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In the process, his remarks provoked many reactions. Faced with the scale of the situation, especially on social networks, the liberal mayor wanted to clarify her thinking. “The word allowed is quite strong but the idea is to provoke a debate on the duties that involve being a parent, because some tend to forget it todayshe says. The main message is that the use of the term “permitted” aims above all to change the view of procreation. The idea is not to prohibit having children but rather to place beacons to tell future parents that they must assume the consequences of their actions”.

”You have to be much harder with those who don’t respect anything”

Renowned for her outspokenness, the deputy mayor explains that it is not a real permit as it takes one to have a goldfish, for example.

“You would need a permit to be a parent”: the words of Jacqueline Galant arouse a lively controversy

“So there is no ban on procreation. On the other hand, the fact of employing this term wants to make it possible to change glance vis-à-vis procreation. For this proposal, there would be no authorization to have. We are talking here about declaring that you want a child and not declaring the birth of a child. If you want to have a child, you make a child but you have to declare it and from there, you will be accompanied by social services, who would come to see if it is not without danger. Today, in order to adopt, parents must go through a veritable Stations of the Cross, with a whole series of criteria to be respected. In my opinion, you have to be much harder with those who don’t respect anything, starting with their own child”.

To complete her proposal, Jacqueline Galant believes that it is essential to provide more support to parents before the birth of the child, in order to be able to explain to them the fundamentals of the needs, psychology and rights of the child and to develop educational skills of parents.

Jacqueline Galant’s remarks on the possibility of needing a permit to become a parent have sparked controversy and strong reactions. While the concept of such a permit may seem extreme, Galant clarifies that her aim is to change the perception of procreation, rather than to prohibit having children. She believes that parents need to understand and take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and that support and education should be provided to help them do so. While this proposal may be controversial, it highlights the importance of prioritizing the well-being of children and the responsibilities of parenthood.

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