Jada Pinkett Smith regularly undergoes vaginal rejuvenation treatments

Jada Pinkett Smith

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Jada Pinkett Smith

At this point in the ‘Red Table Talk’ program, the women of the Pinkett-Smith clan have confessed in front of the other countless secrets that have helped them feel more united than ever before, such as the extramarital relationship that Jada had with him. rapper August, that his daughter Willow embraced polyamory long ago or that her mother Adrienne struggled for years with a problem of addiction to different substances.

Now the three of them have been encouraged to try a very personal beauty treatment to be able to comment on the vaginal saunas that Gwyneth Paltrow popularized and also document the whole process. In order not to show more than necessary before the cameras, Jada, Willow and Adrienne dressed in a kind of lavender-colored robes that surrounded them completely covering the lower part of their body once they sat on a kind of “thrones” of those that came out steam.

In summary, this ancient practice, which according to Jada’s research originated in Asia and Africa as a purifying ritual after menstruation, has gained the approval of three generations, who believe that it helps to break taboos about the female body.

“They say it has a lot of health benefits, but to me, I just feel like it’s nice to spend time with your vagina in some way that shows respect,” she said.

The 49-year-old interpreter has spoken openly about what she defines as her vaginal health to reveal that that particular part of her anatomy is at least three decades younger than her because she underwent rejuvenation treatment long ago after suffering “skin problems. bladder”. Although the procedure solved her ailment almost immediately, Jada has continued to attend these appointments regularly because they make her “yoni” look like a “beautiful peach.”

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