Jada Pinkett Smith: vagina bath with mother and daughter

Jada Pinkett Smith
Vagina bath with mother and daughter

Jada Pinkett Smith with her daughter Willow and husband Will (r.) At a film premiere in Los Angeles 2019.

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Vagina wellness? Jada Pinkett Smith dares to try a new relaxation method with her mother and daughter.

Fans von Jada Pinkett Smiths (49) Show “Red Table Talk” were able to see the actress on Facebook, their daughter Willow Smith (20) and their mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones (67) watch a special kind of wellness bath – a vagina steam bath.

Wrapped in purple kaftan dresses, the three of them sit over bowls filled with hot water and herbs. The steam is said to help purify yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Celebrity fans

As bizarre as this wellness practice sounds, it already seems to have a lot of fans in the celebrity world. Model Chrissy Teigen (35) treated herself to the intimate steam bath after the birth of her second child. “Face mask, heating pad, vagina steam bath. I don’t know if any of these work, but it can’t hurt, right?” She wrote to her 35 million Instagram followers. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow (48) should treat herself to it every now and then.

In fact, “vaginal steaming” should feel good after childbirth and if you have period pain – you should just be careful not to pour the bath too hot.


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