Jae-myung Lee, Se-hoon Oh, “Are you going to do 17 groups without symptoms?” (Comprehensive)

Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung posted a series of posts on the 30th, accusing Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon of safe income, saying, “Is it a mayor’s civic deception or a miracle of Oh Byeong-ear?” / News 1 © News1 Reporter Dae-il Oh

Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung posted a series of posts on the 30th, blaming Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, saying, “Is this a citizen’s deception in the safe income market, or is it a miracle of Oh Byeong-ear?”

Governor Lee posted on his Facebook in the morning of the same day, “Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said that he would give away 17 trillion won in cash every year to the bottom 50% of Seoul citizens’ income by tens of millions of won. If you make it, it’s the ability that is close to the miracle of Oh Byung-Eye,” he strongly criticized.

Governor Lee said, “It seems like a lie no matter how much I think about it, but I hope you can quickly come up with an actionable ‘sophisticated’ plan” and “Correct the title of the article for Chosun Biz,” he demanded.

He continued, “I understand the feeling of wanting to say, ‘The Oh Se-hoon policy has no tax increases, the Lee Jae-myung policy requires a tax increase, and a real estate increase is necessary’, using the tax increase and the fear of real estate prices, “I hope you can point out that there is no increase in tax cuts) and that the land tenure tax is only a small part of the long-term financial plan.”

Then, he advised, “If Lee Jae-myung said, ‘I will make 20 trillion won in Gyeonggi-do and pay basic income every year without tax increase’, I would like you to think about whether it would be treated the same as Oh Se-hoon’s claim of 17 trillion won in safe income without tax increase.

Earlier this morning, Governor Lee posted on his Facebook page, ‘Is it the party’s national deception or the mayor’s citizen deception?’, saying, “Mayor Oh Se-hoon is a member of the People’s Power Party, and he became the mayor of Seoul through the party nomination. You are claiming a secure income that is completely contradictory, discriminatory, unfair, conflict-inducing, and has no economic effect.”

Kim Jong-in, who is recognized for his political and economic insight in Korean politics, introduced basic income as the first policy of the people’s power, and showed changes on the outside, such as visiting the May 18 Cemetery for the first time in the by-election. “The difference between basic income and safe income regarding policy effects such as national satisfaction, income redistribution, economic revitalization, fairness, and equity is the difference between the first disaster aid universally paid in local currency and the second and fourth disasters paid with selective cash. Comparing the subsidies, it is clear.”

In a Facebook post on the 29th, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon raised questions about the feasibility of Governor Lee Jae-myung’s basic income, saying, “We need astronomical financial resources.” / News1 © News1 Reporter Won-Young Song

In particular, “In terms of economic effect, the public felt that the economic effect was much greater than the second and fourth subsidies amounting to 40 trillion won, despite the fact that the 1st subsidy universally paid in local currency was only 13 trillion won. It’s because of the effect.” He asked, “In the Republic of Korea under party politics, the party’s first promise and the first policy of its members are contradictory. Is the party deceiving the people or the mayor deceiving the citizens of Seoul?”

He continued, “Mayor Oh Se-hoon, there is no answer on how to raise 17 trillion won in safe income, which is to provide 50% of the lower-income Seoulites with half of the difference between median income and real income every year in cash. You are only talking about ‘sophisticated design’.” It’s okay to be ‘rough’, so please suggest a plan to raise about 17 trillion won in finance to pay 3.4 million won on average to 5 million people in the bottom 50% of income.”

He added, “I hope you don’t want to appeal to the citizens of Seoul, who are in the top 50% of income bracket, saying, ‘Citizens in the bottom 50% can’t make a lot of money, so let’s pay an additional 3.4 million won in tax every year to support income.'”

Earlier, Mayor Oh Se-hoon raised questions about the feasibility of Governor Lee Jae-myung’s basic income in a post on his Facebook page on the 29th, saying, “We need astronomical financial resources.”

Mayor Oh said, “Governor Jae-myung Lee’s claim of basic income requires astronomical financial resources to function properly as a basic income. Therefore, Governor Jae-myung Lee also recognized the increase in new taxes, such as land ownership tax, carbon tax, and data tax, for basic income. did it,” he scolded.

“However, it is questionable whether our people, who are still struggling with tax bombs due to the real estate situation of the ruling party, will be able to agree to these increases,” he said.

Mayor Oh said, “I’m sorry for your concern, but just as the Seoul Metropolitan Government has silently watched various experiments in Gyeonggi-do, please wait until the Seoul Metropolitan Government forms a framework for systematic and sophisticated experiments with the ‘Seoul Reliable Income Pilot Project Advisory Group’.” Ultimately, the decision rests with the people.”

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