Jaime Malet, the CEO of the company that put Barça in touch with I3 Ventures

The Mossos d’Esquadra’s investigation into the Barçagate case has brought to light new actors involved in the alleged hiring by the club of the company I3 Ventures to create states of opinion on social networks against certain players and aspirants to the Barça presidency, such as Víctor Font and Joan Laporta. One of these actors is the company TelamPartners, which was responsible for putting Barça in contact with this company in 2017. “Our involvement was merely that of commercial introduction,” he admitted today in a statement, in which he claims not to have detected “any irregularities” in I3 Ventures at the time and has insisted that he has handed over the documentation required by the police. The Mossos d’Esquadra took documentation from the TelamPartners headquarters that would have served to establish that Barça had not offered them all their collaboration and would have hidden information from them.


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