Jair Bolsonaro castigates the French president on the issue of the Amazon

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, in Brasilia on November 10, 2020. – Eraldo Peres

Jair Bolsonaro attacked Emmanuel Macron once again this Thursday. The Brazilian president has accused his French counterpart of saying “nonsense” when he says that Europe’s dependence on Brazilian soybeans “supports the deforestation of the Amazon”.

“For the love of God, Mr. Macron, don’t buy Brazilian soybeans, as you won’t deforest the Amazon. Buy soybeans in France, ”he said ironically in his weekly communication live on social networks.

“Stop talking nonsense, Macron”

“Stop talking nonsense, Macron, you don’t know your country and you keep giving your opinion on Brazil,” added the far-right president, who since coming to power in 2019 has had numerous disputes with Emmanuel Macron on environmental policies.

Tuesday, the French president had recommended to increase the production of soybeans in Europe to be “coherent with [nos] ecological ambitions ”. “When we import soybeans that are made on a forced march on destroyed forest in Brazil, we are not consistent with ourselves,” he said in a video accompanying a message on Twitter.

“It’s part of the political game”

This statement had already earned him a reply from Brazilian Vice-President Hamilton Mourao on Wednesday. “Mr. Macron does not know anything about soybean production in Brazil. Our soybean production is done in the Cerrado [région de savane au sud de l’Amazonie] or in the south of the country. Agricultural production in the Amazon is tiny, ”the latter said.

“Macron relayed the protectionist interests of French farmers, nothing more, it’s part of the political game,” added Hamilton Mourao, believing that the French president’s speech was addressed to an “internal public”.

In 2019, Jair Bolsonaro had heated discussions with Emmanuel Macron on social networks after criticism from the French president on the increase in fires in the Amazon.

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