Jaka empties Elezkano and will play the final

Danel Elezkano’s dream of playing a Manomanista final will have to wait. For the third consecutive year, the Biscayan could not access the last step. Jaka woke him up in a forceful way and Lizartza’s will be the first of the candidates for txapela. In his first appearance in the semifinals, the Gipuzkoan took advantage of his opportunity to perfection and Today you will know who will be your rival for the summit match of the Bizkaia fronton next week.

What seemed like a tough duel disappeared in just over half an hour. Jaka emptied Zaratamo’s after a start with a lot of pace and so many fights, and with a partial of 0-17 he went straight to glory. Elezkano II showed fatigue and could not change the aggressive dynamics of his rival, that grew as the wind faced her.

After a lot of fighting to make a place among the best, the one who wore blue saw his work rewarded in a championship that started from the bottom and has grown. He arrived with morale through the roof after leaving Urrutikoetxea in the ditch and yesterday he knew how to suffer and manage the meeting to mature his rival with a very incisive serve and leave him without arguments.

Elezkano II managed to weather the first wave that came over him through waste at the start of the fight, but the price paid was too high. The effort made slowed down its benefits and he was no longer the same on the court.

The plate conceded the first opening move to Lizartza’s and it was immediately clear that he had well studied his strategy. He varied it. He chose to cross it well to the wall and to serve parallel to the width. The Biscayan suffered when subtracting but was not surprised and managed to straighten the situation after the 0-4.


But his serve did not have as much bite as that of the previous crash. He crossed it with a lot of wall, so his rival had no problems when it came to taking out his left foot. In spite of everything, the one who dressed in red opened holes because he did not drop any ball to the same place, he managed to move his opponent and was right in the shot.

What’s more, after the tie at four, Jaka conceded some balls for precipitation in the auction that even allowed Zaratamo’s. get ahead in the bright (6-5). By then the hundred of balls had already been surpassed and the intensity of the game took its toll on the contenders.

In such a situation, Lizartza’s man knew how to make better use of his weapons. His sixth goal was a hook rest impossible to return, and a short serve to his feet allowed him to continue a strike that was definitive. Elezkano II began to fade and ended up asking for a break a couple of goals later with the aim of trying to regain steam and break the dynamics of his rival. It didn’t work. As I did against Urrutikoetxea, Jaka smelled blood and went to the jugular. He perfectly interpreted the crash. He took a step forward every time he could to finish the goal, he looked for the right of the Biscayan when he had the slightest problem and he moved it perfectly.

He began to take a run, aware that it was time. The world fell on the Biscayan because of the problems in the rest and because he could hardly ever bother his rival to generate any doubt. The disadvantage was growing and not even the breaks were allied with that of Zaratamo. The Guipuzcoan was unleashed, and in a situation like this he was practically unapproachable.


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