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Jake Allen’s auxiliary unearthed on waivers?

by archyde

Samuel Montembault and Cayden Primeau are currently in contention for the position of second goaltender for the Montreal Candiens behind Jake Allen, while Kevin Poulin is trying to earn points.

Such is the situation in net for the Habs in training camp.

Last Saturday, Primeau was in net against the Senators when they came from behind to win 5-4. However, the CH held a two-goal lead.

Is the youngster ready to step into the keeper 1B role? His performance in Ottawa is a reminder that the 23-year-old goalkeeper still has some learning to do in Laval and that he must gain confidence.

“There’s a two-goal lead in Saturday’s game and he loses the game. This guy will have to pull himself together, hammered journalist Renaud Lavoie on Monday to “JiC”. I will be very honest with you. Barring an injury, he should not return to Montreal for the season.

“He has to play in the full American League. I do not know. It may be me and I may be talking through my hat… but, right now, why not get a goaltender on waivers?

According to Renaud Lavoie, not only Primeau is not mature enough in a role of second goalkeeper, he is not ready to be third in the hierarchy.

“This file will have to be (settled). Your number 3 goalkeeper doesn’t have a very big camp right now…”

Above, see Renaud Lavoie’s column, “La Mise en échau” at “JIC”.

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