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Last Friday, May 21, the local media reported an event that left viewers stunned, since an African lion from the Jamaica Zoo bit and tore off his keeper’s fingers in the presence of more than 15 visitors.

What began as an entertaining journey through the park turned into a real nightmare for tourists, after seeing the atrocious scene of how the worker’s fingers were left hanging on the fence.

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What happened?

As reported by the ‘Jamaica Observer’, the event occurred around 4 in the afternoon, when the last tour was taking place. In the last stops of the tour was the attraction St. Elizabeth, where the lion was.

A visitor who was present at the time told the ‘Jamaica Observer’ that the guide was trying to impress the users, so he approached the lion’s cage to try to tickle it through the fence.

Although the animal was roaring at the man, visitors thought it was a normal reaction and that he had everything under control.

However, The lion became furious and strongly bit the worker’s fingers, leaving his hand trapped between the fence and the feline’s jaw.

At first, the tourists thought it was a joke, until they heard the keeper’s cries of pain and saw that he was struggling to free his hand, while the animal refused to let go: “Obviously, when he fell to the ground, everyone noticed. that it was serious. Everyone started to panic.”

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When the man was finally able to get his limb out of the fence “all the skin and the first joint of his finger had disappeared”. She couldn’t say a single word, she just ran to a vehicle in which she left the place.

The incident was caught on video, which soon went viral. Many netizens commented that the worker was very irresponsible and that the establishment should not allow something like this to happen.

The Zoo’s Answer

Given the comments and doubts of the users, the Jamaica Zoo decided to comment on the matter through a statement that they uploaded to their official Instagram account.

From the administrative team of the Jamaica Zoo we want to assure our public that we proudly identify with the love, care and professional treatment that our animals receive”, starts the document.

Regarding the facts, the company stated: “It was a tragedy and does not represent the safe procedures and policies that govern the Jamaica Zoo. We are analyzing the video to learn how we can prevent this from happening again.”

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Regarding the caregiver’s health, the company stated that they are aware of his recovery process and hope that he can be better in the coming days.

The statement concludes by saying that they will guarantee the well-being of their workers and their visitors from now on.

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