“Jambon did not have a mandate from the Flemish government on the Concertation Committee”

The criticism of the Flemish vice-minister-president comes on top of that of Bart De Wever, president of the N-VA, who says that according to him, all the restaurants in his city of Antwerp followed the rules.

Jan Jambon, Minister-President N-VA of Flanders, had nevertheless defended, at the end of the Consultative Committee on Friday, the decision taken by the federal government and the federated entities, for the whole country. While speaking of a “terrible” decision, he added: “it has nothing to do with a failure to respect the rules by cafes and restaurants. The reason why we made this decision is that 10% of the population carries this contamination, and that the hospitality industry is the environment par excellence where people come together and where the risk of transmitting the virus is therefore great ”.

Ben Weyts said on Sunday that he did not understand that there was not initially any consultation with the sectors concerned, at least on the Flemish side, and he observed that there are differences in the contamination figures between Flanders and the French-speaking part of the country.


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