James and Daniela Ospina’s daughter birthday celebration

This May 29 the little girl is on her birthday Salome rodriguez, daughter of the Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez and of the model and businesswoman Daniela ospina. To celebrate the eight years of ‘Salo’, his parents met in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, with Samuel, the youngest son of the athlete and other members of the family.

Through her Instagram Stories, Daniela Ospina shared with her followers the first moments of the celebration, which began with a serenade to the rhythm of Peter Manjarrés to wake up her little daughter. “You are my whole life,” said the model.

Ospina dedicated a tender birthday message to little Salomé. “Today I wake up with my heart flooded with joy, because the first thing I see when I open my eyes is your face that accompanies me, that smile that improves my days and that love that gives me strength to achieve everything. Thank you God for giving me your love and let us enjoy you every day, you are the best gift for us and I could not feel happier to have health and life to see you grow, enjoy and celebrate every second of your existence.to. Today I ask God that there are many more. Happy birthday, life of my life, your smile and happiness are priceless! “.

The Antioqueña shared a series of photographs of her daughter’s birthday celebration. In the images you can see Salomé accompanied by Daniela, her mother, James, her father and Dulce María and Maximiliano, children of David Ospina, Daniela’s brother.

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