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James Jirayu Happy, girlfriend joins a diving trip, dumps the bomb! Great, if you’re single, ask yourself.

James Jirayu Happy, girlfriend joins a diving trip, dumps the bomb! Great, if you’re single, ask yourself.

James Jirayu Happy / than having a chance to join together on a diving trip Appreciating the beauty of the Andaman Sea is very difficult for the young hero. James Jirayu Tangsrisuk who participated in travel trips with a group of close friends Great Warintorn , New Chayaphon and many others

James Jirayu Happy

But it was noticed that this trip has foam Non-celebrity girlfriends join the trip and there are also pictures to be seen together. This time, the fans admired the cuteness of both of them.

latest James gave an interview After attending the opening of the movie Ayothaya Mahalaluay Gala Premiere at Siam Pavalai Cinema, Paragon Cineplex, Siam Paragon Shopping Center

very good drama The audience is handsome in every scene? “Seeing the feedback, I’m very happy. There is no drama during the past covids. We rest a lot. And then come here, people like the characters. At first I was worried about whether they would get along or not. But when the audience likes it, it’s called being tired of working.”

James Jirayu Happy

At first, I was worried that people would be in, right? “Yes, at first, but I wasn’t too worried about it. But when they come out, people like them are happy.”

It seems that there are many scenes outside the script? “Actually, it’s almost completely off-line (smiles). I think it’s a feel that makes it look quite realistic. between old people and children So we have to continually focus on each other.”

besides Ann and James People see the cuteness of Nong Putter (Faisal)? “Putter, this story is so cute. He came out and had to put on his shirt as well. with kindergarten friends There is a cuteness over there. It keeps ringing in the ears as well. (How are you playing with your sister?) She’s a very smart person, she’s quick-witted, she knows what to do. Not stubborn, not very naughty. (Do I have to tune or dissolve behavior?) Mine doesn’t take a lot of time, it takes a while to play. It’s very heavy They look like brothers and sisters.”

Many people want an apprentice like this? “There are probably a lot of them left (laughs), you have to try and find them.”

James Jirayu Happy

From now on, how can I continue with spoilers? “Carats of love from now on will begin to grow closer. must follow that that everyone sees that I just like Brother Carat alone which P’ Karat has work duties, it seems unlikely that they will come to each other You’ll have to see if there’s a way to hit the curves together. (Starting moles with Dom already?) Yes, I’m starting to have more moles with Dom.”

Photobook work. Are you close to seeing each other? “I have a physical album, a photobook, and a CD too. My own JameJiSeeMore, but this time it’s supposed to be a New Year’s gift. It’s a souvenir as well, giving it to the fans, so that the money will be donated to the fans as well. If anyone is interested, they can pre-order them on Facebook and in IG. The specialty of the photobook will be a look that has never been seen for sure. Use 5 photographers, 5 brands of clothes, and have a look without clothes (laughs). This project is really intended to make merit.”

The last trip was very sweet? “Going for a dive, actually going to a gang is like this. Means that the work is done, let’s plan together. Well, this trip has been postponed for a long time. Can’t remember when it started. But probably from the first covid (Are you happy?) Well, when I turn on the covids and get some rest, it’s charging myself.”

James Jirayu Happy

Going to many people, but people focus on our partner? “Yes, it’s ok. I didn’t have that much of a problem. (People focus on the picture with their shoulders?) Oh, touch the tank (smiles). That’s it. (Moments like this are rarely seen by people?) Well, yes, but I don’t really see it. (Did you take a lot of pictures?) I have a photo But maybe not a lot.”

People tease that the sea is sweet? “Um, the other couples are sweeter than me, sorry (smiles). I don’t really have a point. Well, this one might not be very familiar, but the other couples are definitely sweeter than me.”

Will there be a chance to see the couple photos that James posted himself? “I think there will be a little bit more. (See next year?) Oh! wait for the opportunity whether it is appropriate or not.”

They tease each other. Good people gang. Great left. The only one who is single? “I think you have to ask Brother Gret himself. (Did anyone go with Great on this trip?) No, I’m not very close to Greet hyung (laughs).”

Did you see the news that he teases that he feels pity for Great? “I don’t think there is any need to pity him (laughs). Nothing, he likes to be a good older brother. I mean with young people like me. (Confirm that Great is single?) Confirm, but you have to ask yourself (laughs).”

Invited to see a movie? “Ayothaya Mahalaluay movie will be released on 2 December. It is a movie about love Sai Mu that is a movie that I think. a strange period He will tell the love story of teenagers in the Ayutthaya period. I believe that if you come and watch this, you will definitely come home with a smile.”

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