James Rodríguez: they reveal that the midfielder caught blows with Jefferson Lerma after Colombia’s defeat against Ecuador | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Updated 11/18/2020 at 5:44 PM

Hecatomb in the Colombian national team, after Ecuador endorsed him a 6 to 1 in Quito on date 4 of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. If the win or the rumors about Queiroz’s possible departure were not enough, now the ‘coffee press’ reveals that there were discussions and even blows in a locker room, which they advance, is broken, and has as its protagonist nothing less than James Rodriguez.

This has been revealed by the journalist Javier Hernández Bonnet in Blu Radio Sports Blog, who claimed to have done serious investigative work in which an episode of fistfighting was known in the locker room.

“There are groups facing the interior of the Selection. There were episodes whose protagonists they got to go to the hands within the Colombian National Team ”, he said.

“Isn’t that a clear, latent sign that Queiroz is a problem, but that there is a much bigger problem within the group? That there’s not a leader capable of keeping the peace to the locker room? All these reflections must be done ”, he pointed out.

Queiroz met with the footballers and he told them that if the problem was him, to tell him. That he put your resignation letter available to the executive committee of the Colombian Football Federation”, He mentioned, adding that there would already be a majority to approve the departure of Carlos Queiroz from the Colombian National Team.

James vs Lerma

In the program La Luciérnaga de Caracol Radio revealed that the two protagonists of the fight would have been James Rodríguez and Jefferson Lerma. The Everton and Bournemouth men, both in England football, had not withstood the pressure of the result and would have faced each other as revealed by Bonnet.




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