James Rodríguez today: message from Benítez for a regular level; Florida Cup

Everton concluded his participation in the Florida Cup, a pre-season friendly tournament where he played two commitments: the first was won from the white spot of the penalty after a 1-1, while the second the victory was 1-0. That is why coach Rafael Benítez referred to the level of each of the team’s footballers, especially the one shown by James Rodriguez.

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The Colombian midfielder he could not perform at his best due to some physical problems that afflicted him last season, however, he had minutes in both games. Although his game was not at the level that he is known, it is noted that so far he is beginning to resume his football.

Rafael Benitez, Coach of the ‘toffee’ team, referred to it and sent a message of pressure to James so that he quickly seeks to regain the state of form that the team needs and where he can demonstrate the best possible conditions on the court.

“Logically in preseason we are managing the group, the idea is that they all have minutes. That James Rodríguez contributes his quality is positive for everyone “, said the Spanish coach.

Secondly, Benitez assured that he hopes to work soon with the full roster of footballers, along with those who played the Eurocup and America’s Cup, who are supposed to return to concentration soon.

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“Obviously the preseason is to improve the physical form, the understanding between players. We are still too far away because it is a special year with players who will return after the Copa América and the Euro Cup “, he analyzed.

“So obviously we are improving the physical condition, but we are still a little far away. Hopefully in the next 14 days it will be much better and we can compete at the level we want to compete in the Premier League, “concluded the helmsman of Liverpool’s blue team.


1 thought on “James Rodríguez today: message from Benítez for a regular level; Florida Cup”

  1. If the coach is a good personnel person, he should put James to play, so he can sell his game to other clubs, also he should put one of his deputies to make phone calls to get the player out of the team.
    conclusion Rafa claims he do not want James on the team, but he practice, play for the team, why ?? Rafa is allowing that, at the end James will not leave, the team will pay his salary and then he will leave free, what a smart team coach!!!
    LET the man play and show you that he is a good player or you prove your point that the player is a failure and can not play at the level Rafa like to press on the team.


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