Jan Jambon launches a speech of encouragement to the Flemings: “Giving up is not part of our vocabulary”

“We want to avoid complete containment at all costs, as at the start of the year,” adds the N-VA, which strongly insists that the application of the rules is now “faster and more strictly”.

He returns in his message to a measure that, for some, does not pass: the closure of restaurants. On Sunday, outings by Bart De Wever and Ben Weyts made it clear that there was no consensus within the Flemish government, or even within their own party, on this point. “The Flemish government has really tried to at least keep the restaurants open. But the contamination figures force us to intervene strongly”, defends the Flemish Minister-President. It hurts “the heart”, but the authorities have only one goal, he says: “to stem the spread of the virus”.

“We do not want medical care to be threatened by a lack of available beds.” On the Flemish side, the will is there to support and help the catering and tourism industry, as well as culture and events, continues Jan Jambon. Means will be put on the table, as during the first wave, he promises. “To regain our freedom, we must hold on, today and in the coming weeks.” “I ask you to help each other, to encourage each other, to support each other. (…) We can call each other more often, send an email or a little message. Of course, with your loved ones. But also towards your neighbors, colleagues, or that man or woman you had lost sight of “. “The Flemings are warm people, with a big heart”, he continues, calling “not to let each other down”. “Let’s not lose heart”, “giving up is not part of our vocabulary,” Jan Jambon says in this real encouraging video for the north of the country. “We are going to go through all of this, us Flemings!” He concludes.

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