Jan Oblak: “I was surprised that Barça let Luis Suárez come to Atlético”

He faced it many times. The possibility of having him as a partner seemed quite distant, but the operation took place. Luis Suárez stopped entering into the plans of FC Barcelona and, to everyone’s surprise, they left the way free for him to sign for Atlético de Madrid, a direct rival in the title fight.

In interview for The spar, Jan Oblak revealed that he was surprised that the Catalan club allowed The gunman come out and join Atleti. But, well, that that happened makes him really happy. And it is that the Uruguayan is contributing a lot to his team.


“The truth that surprised me. I think that everyone was surprised by the player he is, the goals he scores each season, the goals he has scored for Barcelona. It was a club decision. I couldn’t be happier that they decided like this. Of course they have let him come to Atlético, luckily they have left him so that he can share a dressing room with him and hopefully he will continue like this until the end of the season. And that at the end of the season we lift a title with goals from him ”.

Fought It is a 9 capable of converting with a ‘half chance’ to score: “The truth is that we have always had good strikers, who have scored many goals. But Luis Suárez, in these first months that he has been here, is showing what a great player he is. And the way to score goals he has. He is scoring goals with half a chance. That helps us a lot. We are very happy that he has come, that we have signed him, that Barcelona has left him. Let it continue like this. I hope I scored a lot more ”.

Undefeated data. Luis Suárez registers 12 goals and 2 assists in 15 games played in this Spanish League with Atlético de Madrid. Big deal.

Did you know…? Luis Suárez scored 198 goals, gave 87 assists and won 13 collective titles in 283 games with FC Barcelona. The third highest scorer in history for the Blaugrana entity. Idol.

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