Jana Wosnitza: The Best Sports Presenter in Germany – Get to Know Her Journey and Success

2023-08-17 14:15:00

Jana Wosnitza is one of the best sports presenters in Germany. Since the summer of 2023, she has been moderating the NFL programs at the Cologne-based private broadcaster. She was previously at Sport1, where she also worked on the legendary “Doppelpass”.

Jana Wosnitza: When and where was she born?

Jana Wosnitza was born on October 7, 1993 in Cologne.

Jana Wosnitza: Why is she a fan of 1. FC Köln?

Jana Wosnitza is not only an absolute expert when it comes to sport in general and soccer in particular. She is also a big fan of 1. FC Köln. Like her father and brother, she has been a member of a club for years. “1. FC Köln is my club,” she explained in an express interview.

Jana Wosnitza: What did she study?

Jana Wosnitza studied business administration in Mannheim. She also completed a semester abroad with a focus on journalism at the University of San Diego (USA). She then began a master’s degree at the German Sport University in Cologne, which she interrupted in 2017 for an internship at Sport1.

Jana Wosnitza: Why did she work at Bayern?

Jana Wosnitza started an internship at FC Bayern Munich after her studies. She worked in the media department of the German record champions. During this time, her wish arose that she would like to become a sports journalist.

Jana Wosnitza: When did she start at Sport1?

Jana Wosnitza completed an internship at Sport1 in 2017. From 2018 to 2020 she worked as a trainee at Sport1. She had her first TV moderation in 2019 at Sport1 Fantalk. The 2019 European Games in Minsk and the PDC World Darts Championship 2022 followed later. In August 2022 she became the moderator of the Countdown Doppelpass show.

Jana Wosnitza: When was she in a double pass for the first time?

Jana Wosnitza had her first Doppelpass broadcast on Sport1 at the legendary football talk on Sunday in May 2021. From that time on, Wosnitza was seen again and again as a supporting moderator in Doppelpass. Wosnitza followed Laura Papendick, who went to RTL.

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Wosnitza moderated her last double pass broadcast at the Sport1 soccer show on June 4, 2023. Her move to RTL was previously known. Her successor in the double pass is Katharina Kleinfeldt, who switched from Sky to Sport1. She will also take over the darts legacy at Sport1 from Wosnitza.

Jana Wosnitza: Why did she switch to RTL?

Jana Wosnitza switched to RTL in the summer of 2023, after having worked for Sport1 for many years and having established herself as a sports presenter with her expertise and strong demeanor in front of the TV camera. After RTL secured the NFL rights for five years from the 2023/24 season, the Cologne-based private broadcaster was looking for new football experts and presenters.

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For Wosnitza it was the chance to switch to a bigger station and return to her homeland. At RTL, Wosnitza is said to moderate many other sports in addition to the NFL. At RTL, Wosnitza is to become part of a large NFL broadcast concept. After two years as a co-moderator alongside Florian König, Wosnitza dared to make a new start. “I feel totally comfortable right away. It just feels great,” said the presenter happily.

Jana Wosnitza: What are your hobbies?

Jana Wosnitza loves sport the most. In her free time, she uses almost every free minute to do sports. She loves yoga, jogging and weight training the most. Wosnitza also likes to play tennis.

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Jana Wosnitza: Does she have a husband or a boyfriend?

Nothing is officially known about Jana Wosnitza’s private life. There is only speculation as to whether she is in a relationship or not. “It’s actually one of the few things that I continue to keep completely private,” Wosnitza told the Express.

“I think people see a lot of me. But I want to consciously keep this piece of privacy. At least for now.”

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Jana Wosnitza: does she have tattoos and why?

Jana Wosnitza now has 20 tattoos on her body. These are all little memories that have come together over the years. Wosnitza has a tattoo with one of the seven chakras from yoga on his skin.

“I also have partner tattoos with my mom, who unfortunately got cancer again a year ago. They remind us of the difficult time we went through together, with the new diagnosis and the therapies,” explains Wosnitza.

“I spent the entire summer with her in the hospital in Cologne. But the tattoos always remind us to look ahead. And that we should be grateful for every beautiful day in life. I also have a memory of my grandmother on the skin. And so a lot came together over the years.”

Jana Wosnitza: When did she have her first NFL show on RTL?

Jana Wosnitza had her first football broadcast on RTL on August 12, 2023 at the Carolina Panthers game against the New York Jets on NITRO and RTL+. Wosnitza had her second NFL broadcast on August 13, 2023 when the Kansas City Chiefs met the New Orleans Saints (NITRO & RTL +).

Ten months after acquiring the NFL rights and replacing ProSiebenSat.1 in FreeTV, RTL started the new NFL season with the first two preseason games. In the first two live broadcasts on RTL, Wosnitza led the show as an NFL presenter. For Wosnitza it was the first football assignment for her new TV station RTL after she came from Sport1 in the summer.

Jana Wosnitza: How many Instagram followers does she have?

Jana Wosnitza loves Instagram and social media, where she puts photos and pictures from her job, her vacation and private pictures online. The RTL presenter has 104,000 followers on Instagram (as of August 2023). She has 27,000 followers on TikTok and over 5,000 followers on Twitter.

“I take care of my Instagram channel myself. And the motto here is: It has to be fun. And I just enjoy social media,” explained Wosnitza in one Express-Interview. “It’s a world I grew up with. And of course it’s also relevant for us as TV presenters, nobody can ignore it. My goal is to take people a little bit behind the scenes. To show them that , which you don’t see in front of the camera. Of course, otherwise people wouldn’t need to follow me on Instagram or anywhere else. I don’t want to lose my authenticity in the social media world. That’s important to me.”

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Jana Wosnitza: What is your salary?

Nothing is known about the exact salary of Jana Wosnitza at Sport1 and RTL. A sports presenter should earn between 50,000 and 80,000 euros a year on average at RTL. Depending on the level of education and experience in the TV sector, this amount increases.

Jana Wosnitza: How big is your fortune?

Nothing is known about the fortune of Jana Wosnitz.

Jana Wosnitza in profile:

Name: Jana Wosnitza
Birthday: 17. October 1993
Place of birth: Cologne, Germany)
Siblings: a brother
favourite club: 1. FC Cologne
Instagram: janawosnitza
Twitter: janawosnitza
TikTok: janawosnitza7

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