Janet Barboza ‘blocks’ Ethel Pozo for joking about her boyfriend: “You’re going to run out of friends” | Melissa Paredes | Farándula | SHOWS

starred in an awkward moment with after she made a joke about her boyfriend, whom she has not seen for several months because he is living in the United States. Gisela’s daughter tried to relate her situation to Melissa Paredes’ maso and Rulitos’ patched ‘her in one.

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Janet Barboza revealed that she will travel to the United States on Friday to see her boyfriend, a fact that seemed very particular to Ethel Pozo, who made a peculiar comment.

“At this juncture, suddenly Janet just wants to see her boyfriend, after three months”, said Ethel Pozo, in reference to the cases of rupture that some couples have starred in, after what happened with Melissa Paredes and her ampay with her dancer.

Janet Barboza stops Ethel for joking about her boyfriend (video: América TV)


This comment was not well received by Janet Barboza and she immediately ‘squared’ Ethel Pozo by telling her that ‘she will run out of friends’, in clear allusion to what was said by Melissa Paredes, who pointed out that the Lord’s daughter’ does not belong to her close circle ‘.

“We are talking about a serious matter, Ethel Rocío Pozo, don’t beat around the bush. We are talking about the ‘clean slate’, we are talking that you are going to run out of friends at this rate “, said Janet Barboza.

Ethel Pozo, Upon hearing what ‘Rulitos’ said, she was surprised and saddened, because she never imagined that they would make a joke of that type on her.



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