Janet Jackson’s father abused the children with fire

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Her father tormented her with burning matches: Janet Jackson raises serious allegations

Janet Jackson will bring many secrets to light with her documentary.

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Janet Jackson is a world star, but her childhood seems to have been very difficult because of her father. There is talk of mistreatment and drill. The singer comments on this in the TV documentary “Janet”.

The long-awaited documentary “Janet” is expected in the USA on the last weekend of January. In the two-day TV broadcast, singer Janet Jackson tells her life story. Even the trailer begins with the question: “Why are you making this documentary?” She replies, “It’s something that needs to be done.” In Germany, we can convince ourselves of this on Sky from March 11th.

The 55-year-old grew up in one of the best-known families of musicians in the USA and has been in the limelight from an early age. Her brother was Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. She is a singer herself, performed at the big Superbowl halftime show and caused a scandal with a breast flash. Again and again, even when Michael Jackson was still alive, there were rumors that the siblings should not have had an easy childhood. Their father, Joseph Jackson, was obsessed with power and fame and drove his children.

“My dad would sometimes wake us up by sticking matches between our toes and even lighting them. He could be very mean,” says the ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ hitmaker. Details of a childhood that she says was marked by physical abuse.

Janet Jackson would have wished for a different father

The singer takes a hard line on her late 2018 father in the TV documentary. She describes his questionable methods in detail: “As a child, I would have wished for a different father than mine, you never knew what his moods were like. Sometimes he played with us, but it was never fun.”

In the singer’s cinematic autobiography, one learns frightening details about the relationship between Joseph Jackson and his ten children. They all had to work, punctuality and discipline were the be-all and end-all. Jackson would have liked to have turned all ten into megastars, but he was only able to do that with Michael and Janet Jackson.

Janet Jackson would like to build on this success. She is scheduled to release her twelfth album, Black Diamond, this year. Perhaps one of the reasons why Janet Jackson only told us about the cruel experiences of her childhood four years after her father’s death.

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