Japan cancels Corona emergency early

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The number of infections in the island kingdom continues to fall, and people are now allowed to leave their homes and apartments again. The shops are open.

Japan has prematurely lifted the Corona emergency for the entire island kingdom. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also released the Tokyo metropolitan area and the northernmost province of Hokkaido on Monday. He had already lifted the state of emergency for the rest of the country.

The emergency was originally scheduled to run until May 31, which did not impose severe exit restrictions as in Europe. The citizens of Japan were only asked to stay at home if possible. The situation was contained so that the spread of the virus could be prevented, it said. Now people can get out and open shops again.

Falling number of new infections

The trend of daily new infections has been pointing down for some time. Japan has around 17,300 infections and around 850 deaths. Critics had accused Abe’s government of testing much less than other countries. However, other experts argue that Japan has far fewer deaths and those with severe symptoms.

This has contributed to the fact that in Japan, with its high population density, great importance has always been attached to hygiene. Wearing masks is normal in Japan. There are also cultural peculiarities – such as bowing instead of shaking hands or that Japanese people always take off their shoes before entering the house.

(APA / dpa)


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