Japan finds over 6,000 COVID-infected people one day | RYT9

Japan reports number of people infected with COVID-19 More than 6,000 new today, in one day. While the number of critically ill patients from COVID-19 Raised a record high of 1,144

Last Friday The Japanese government has decided to extend the state of emergency declaration to 31 May, with the order coming into effect in Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture. Aichi prefecture and Fukuoka also announced an extension.

Japan is currently facing a fourth wave of outbreaks, with the number of infected daily reaching 7,000 for the first time since January yesterday. The outbreak was found in 15 provinces out of a total of 47 provinces across the country.

Today’s information indicates that In Tokyo, 1,032 new infections were found, while 529 in Fukuoka Prefecture, and 506 in Hokkaido.

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