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Sixth inning

In the 6th game, facing the ham foreign vote,Wu Nianting hit a first base this time.

Fifth game(Seibu 0:1 ham)

In 5 innings, Seibu was hit three times. Under 5 rounds,Wang Bairong hit the field for the second time, knocking out a fly ball from the left field and was knocked out, R. Rodriguez hit the hit, and then Ham relied on two four-bad walks to take the full base. The starter Imai Tatsu also made a violent shot, allowing Ham to take the first point.

Fourth round(Seibu 0:0 ham)

After 4 innings and 1 out, Mura Yuki knocked out the left field and hit base, but Kensuke Kondo knocked out a double play. In the 4th inning, Seibu and Ham returned without success.

Third round(Seibu 0:0 ham)

In 3 innings, after 2 outs, Mori Yuya chose four bad goals to go.Take Nakamura also knocked out the left field, but in the end Wu Nianting only knocked out Rolling Earth and was assassinated. In 3 innings, Ham suffered three overs and threes.

Second round(Seibu 0:0 ham)

On 2 rounds, after 1 is out,Yamakawa Hon hit high and hit the base, but Seibu’s successor was unable to succeed, leaving behind a stubborn base. Under 2 rounds,Wang Bairong knocked out the guerrilla direction to fly the ball directly to find the glove in the first box, but was caught and out of the game.

First round (Seibu 0:0 ham)

After 1 inning and 2 outs, Nakamura also knocked out the left field and hit first base.Wu Nianting and Ham started to fight with Wehsen until the ball was full and knocked out the fly ball out of the game.. In the first inning, Matsumoto hit the right field and hit second base as soon as he came up, but the next three hitters failed to make any more contributions.

Starting lineup


1 (tour) Genta Sou Ryo
2 (Capture) Tomoya Mori
3 (Finger) Takeya Nakamura
4 (3) Wu Nianting
5 (Left) Takumi Kuriyama
6 (1) Hotaka Yamakawa
7 (2) Shuta Tonosaki
8 (Right) Junichiro Kishi
9 (Middle) Yuji Kaneko

Starting pitcher: Tatsuya Imai


1 (middle) Matsumoto Tsuyoshi
2 (Left) Haruki Nishikawa
3 (3) Yuki Nomura
4 (Right) Kensuke Kondoh
5(refer to) Wang Bairong
6 (two) R. Rodriguez (Ronny Rodriguez)
7 (1) Yuto Takahama
8 (Capture) Shingo Usami
9 (tour) Ryota Yanuchi

Starting pitcher: Drew VerHagen

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