Japan Sevilla, the bench clerk who scored six penalties in a game, the league record



The Real Madrid, for the first time in his more than one hundred years of life, saw how the Extremaduran Gil Manzano he became, last Sunday at Mestalla, the first referee to punish him, at the request of the VAR, with three penalties in the same league match. A number of maximum penalties previously suffered by other teams throughout the history of the League, but only half of those indicated in the 1995-96 season in the duel that continues to appear in the statistics as the match with the most penalties in the championship Spanish. Without the help of the image review, an Andalusian referee, José Japan Sevilla, ordered six throws from eleven meters. All of them ended up online.

Japan Seville (Coria del Río, Seville, March 24, 1959), who was working as a bank employee at the time, entered the League history just one year after his debut as a referee in the First Division. On May 19, 1996, on the penultimate day of the League played in the old Carlos Tartiere, the match between Oviedo and Real Valladolid he opened the news because the Andalusian judge indicated up to six penalties in that match, a number never seen before in the national championship. Nor later. To the local Christiansen and the visitor Peternac their legs did not tremble. The Asturians, who arrived at the meeting already saved, scored the two with which they were benefited and the Pucelanos, who were fighting for permanence, did not fail in their four throws either. That duel, which also had two sent off, ended with a scandal score, 3-8, five of the visiting goals scored by Peternac and the other three by Quevedo.

That 1995-96 academic year had already begun entering history because it was the first League that was played with 22 teams and ended up writing another unforgettable chapter with the game played in the Principality. The fans of Oviedo and Valladolid, surprised by the penalty recital of Japan Sevilla, ended up twinned chanting in chorus another, another! in every play that took place in the area. “When leaving, people yelled at me, but for me to sign autographs,” explained the Andalusian referee years later in an interview, although that afternoon at the Tartiere, Sevilla chased Japan during his five-year career in the First Division.

Japan Seville he was relegated to the Second Division in the 1999-2000 season, but upon reaching the age required in the category he had to withdraw from arbitration.

Japan Seville, in 2000, the year of his withdrawal from arbitration
Japan Seville, in 2000, the year of his withdrawal from arbitration – Millén Herce

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