Japanese CPU gashapon machine netizens twisted out i7-6700k processor

The Japanese gashapon culture is prevalent, and it can be said that it has developed to an extraordinary state. The well-known Japanese electrical shop “Electrical Workshop” (パソコン工房) has a CPU gashapon, and many people come here to try their luck. Unexpectedly, someone really won the i7 CPU!

▲The CPU gashapon machine at the well-known Japanese electronics store “Electric Kobo”

“Electrical Workshop” located in Osaka’s Nihonbashi branch will launch “CPU Gacha” from time to time as a gimmick to attract consumers. The person in charge of the store will put some discarded CPUs into the gashapon machine, and the price will be 500 yen (about $35 Hong Kong dollars) each. Netizen @tamagotoroyaki shared his gashapon experience on Twitter. He only spent 500 yen, that is, after twisting it once, he got the “core i7-6700k” CPU, which aroused discussion among netizens.

▲Netizen @tamagotoroyaki shared on Twitter to get i7 CPU

Although “core i7-6700k” is a product of 2015, it still has a certain value in the market, and netizens think it is very lucky. However, “Electrical Workshop” stated that since the CPU in the gashapon machine is discarded, normal operation cannot be guaranteed.

Even if there is no guarantee, it is enough to cause a treasure hunt in online shops, and a Japanese YouTuber “じゃぱすと!” filmed his own gashapon process, and his actions inspired @tamagotoroyaki to try his luck at the “Electrical Workshop”.


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