Japanese right-wing organization “Remove’comfort women technology’ from textbooks”… Third request

Input 2021.03.09 14:22 | Revision 2021.03.09 14:45

A Japanese right-wing organization insisted that the technology related to comfort women should be deleted from Japanese middle school history textbooks that are scheduled to be used in the new semester next month.

According to the Sankei Shimbun on the 9th, a’meeting to create a new history textbook’ (new station mother) and others sent a request to the Hagiuda Koichi Award for Education and Education on the 8th. The request contained the content, “Recommend to publishers to delete comfort women-related technology from middle school history textbooks.”

Yamakiwa Publishing’s homepage, dealing with Japanese military comfort women victims in a junior high school history textbook

The history textbook of junior high school published by Yamakawa publishing contains information that during the Japanese colonial period, Koreans were conscripted and Korean women were recruited to comfort facilities.

In this textbook, which passed the test last year, “Many Koreans and Chinese were conscripted in Japan and were forced to work harshly in mines and factories.” It was recruited. It contained the content of the so-called “military comfort women”.

New Yeokmo, a right-wing organization, is calling for a textbook revision based on the expression that appeared at the time of Konodama.

Earlier, in August 1993, the Japanese government said, “The Japanese military was directly and indirectly involved in the management of comfort stations and the transfer of comfort women in the so-called (いわゆる) military comfort women issue. Admitted. The same expression appears in textbooks published by Yamakawa.

The core argument of the new translation is that the expression’so-called’ should be deleted from the contents of the old discourse. “The so-called word is used incorrectly in the world (socially) and contains the meaning of’genuine expression’, so it should not be used in the first place,” he argued.

Their demand for textbook revision is already the third time. Previously, the new station mother requested the deletion recommendation from the Ministry of Education twice since last December with other right-wing organizations such as the’Comfort Women’s Truth National Movement’, but the Ministry of Education refused to respond.


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