Japanese sake merchant x Neon Genesis Evangelion replicates animation scenes to promote Junmai Daiginjo-Hong Kong unwire.hk

The TV show “Error Self-fertilization” and the anime “Evangelion” have become the topic of Hong Kong netizens again. However, this set of animated divine works has been very popular in Japan. Recently, the local sake brewer “Dasai” announced a collaboration with “Neon Genesis Evangelion” to promote their Dassai Junmai Daiginjo.

If you have watched “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, you may remember that the heroine Misato Katsuragi drinks at home from time to time, and she has a special liking for the various sakes of Dashi Matsuri. Dasa Matsuri saw this, so they rearranged their Dassai store in the Bank of Tokyo and transformed it into a “Neon Genesis Evangelion” themed store from June 7th to July 31st.

Among the “spots” include the residence of Miri Katsuragi, and customers can even walk into her drinking scene in the animation to take pictures.


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