Japan’s “National Voting Law” amendment is formally established to advance constitutional amendment procedures

Japan’s “National Referendum Law” amendment is formally established to advance the constitutional amendment process

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2021-06-11 15:57

CCTV News According to Kyodo News, at the plenary meeting of the Japanese Senate on the 11th, the revised “National Voting Law” involving the amendment of the constitutional procedure was passed with the majority of members of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Cadet Democratic Party, and formally became a law.

The revised “National Voting Law” has added seven items that have been included in the “Public Office Election Law” in order to improve the convenience of the referendum on constitutional amendments. The establishment of “common polling stations” in stations and commercial facilities has been added. In addition, regarding the restrictions on political party commercial advertisements and Internet advertisements in the referendum movement, the supplementary provisions of the law stipulate that necessary measures will be taken three years after the implementation of the law.

Since the amendment to the National Voting Act was submitted to the National Assembly for deliberation in 2018, it has undergone continuous deliberations in eight sessions. In the current Congress, the ruling party and the opposition parties finally reached an agreement on the condition of adding a by-law.

source:CCTV News Author: reporter Zhou Li Editor: Li Jiayang

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