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The latest work in the “Grand Theft Auto” series, whose existence was announced in February of this year and the start of full-scale development was known, but with expectations for further follow-up, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier newly added Rockstar. A report on the working environment of GamespublicHowever, it is attracting attention that the latest work will introduce a new stage depicting a fictitious Miami and the first female hero in the series.

This is Jason Schreier’s compilation of information from a 20-member anonymous staff of active Rockstar Games developers and developers who have recently retired from the studio.

According to Jason Schreier, the latest work is called “Project Americas” internally, introducing two male and female protagonists inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, one of whom is a Latin woman.

In addition, although the latest work was originally planned to be set in a vast area covering North and South America (as the project name indicates), it is accompanied by efforts to drastically improve the studio culture that was rampant in Crunch / Death March. It has been scaled down and is now reportedly set in the fictional Miami and surrounding areas. (* At this point, it is unknown whether this fictitious Miami refers to Vice City, without any specific mention)

This report focuses on the working environment of Rockstar Games, known for being a very harsh scene, and now has a complete overhaul of the Boys Club culture, a more progressive and compassionate workplace. Although the morale of the staff and the studio as a whole is increasing more than ever, the development speed of the latest work is slowing down due to changes in working conditions.

In addition, with the improvement of studio culture, the series’ iconic ironical satire is also being carefully reviewed, and traditional satire works in situations where the current United States itself surpasses the old satire. It is reported that there is a search for an approach (in a sense similar to South Park in recent years).

In addition, in this report, due to the influence of the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer, a new one called “Cops’n’ Crooks” (including violence by police) that was planned to be implemented in “Grand Theft Auto Online” at that time The events of canceling the mode and various efforts to improve the studio culture and eliminate crunches are summarized, and the trend of the studio including the latest GTA series is drawing attention again.

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