Jasson Domínguez demonstrates why they call him “Marciano”

The best prospect of the Yankees de New York, Jasson Dominguez, he was at batting practice and all those swings he did let it be known why he is so sought after in MLB.

Since those times he signed the 5 million bond with the Yankees, Dominguez He did not show his Swing in the networks and finally he did it again.

There is no doubt that the contact of this boy plus the power and strength that he has in his arms is a clear demonstration that I could do everything in the batting box and he is ready to play for the first time in a professional league of the MLB.

Here the video:

Some days ago Jasson Dominguez He said he does not want to disappoint the media and the people who have been supporting his talent, so he travels two hours a day in his vehicle to get to practices.

Dominguez He also said that he is eager to play for the first season in a Professional League, he still does not know if he will play in the Dominican Summer League or if he will travel directly.

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