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Javier Ceriani accuses Sergio Mayer of physically assaulting him for asking him about Anabel Hernández’s book

Javier Ceriani accused Sergio Mayer from physically assault you for asking him about Anabel Hernández’s book, in which he is linked to a drug trafficker.

During a live broadcast on YouTube, Javier Ceriani also accused the actress Find Camil, wife of Sergio Mayer, from having insulted him during an event in the US.

Javier Ceriani affirmed that all the media present at the scene were able to record the attacks that Sergio Mayer and Issabela Camil gave him, which is why will demand them.

“All are witnesses, all the major media here in the United States, of what Sergio Mayer did to me, he just physically attacked me and his wife, Issabela Camil, just insulted me …, all because I investigate and ask”

Javier Ceriani, journalist

Sergio Mayer (Mexico Agency)

Javier Ceriani: Issabela Camil began “to insult me, to say ‘garbage, crap’, a lot of things”

Shortly before midnight on Friday, December 3, Javier Ceriani began a live broadcast where he denounced that Sergio Mayer I had just physically assaulted him.

The host of the program ‘Chisme No Like’ said that it coincided with Sergio Mayer and his wife at an event organized by a foundation of music composers in the United States.

That was why he decided to take the opportunity to ask her about Anabel Hernández’s book, who accuses him of having ties to the drug trafficker Édgar Valdez Villarreal, ‘La Barbie’.

At first, the journalist said, Sergio Mayer tried to evade him, but at his insistence, began to insult and threaten him, which Issabela Camil also did:

“At one point Mrs. Erika, better known as Issabela Camil, began to insult me, to say ‘garbage, crap’, a lot of things”

Javier Ceriani, journalist

Isabella Camil and Sergio Mayer (Mexico Agency.)

Sergio Mayer “physically attacked me”: Javier Ceriani

The Argentine said that he asked Sergio Mayer not to insult him, before which the former Mexican federal deputy reacted violently:

“Sergio Mayer turned around and physically attacked me and we are waiting for the Police at this moment, all the press is there waiting, all the journalists from the United States, more than 200 journalists who are here saw the situation

Javier Ceriani, journalist

Javier Ceriani said that after the attack asked the 911 emergency number for help to act against Sergio Mayer:

“I am going to make the report to the Police … and this is not going to stay that way, of course, there will be a demand because we are not going to allow any former deputy, no former stripper, no powerful man in the world to come here to the United States to bother and insult and attack my person, my body and my work, the wound is emotional because in reality I am here doing my job “

Javier Ceriani, journalist


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