Javier Gutiérrez: «Envy and hate are a national sport»

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The creators of “Embarrassment”, an “uncomfortable” comedy that returns today to Movistar +, have come out that they have left a third season so bright that they would not like to “spoil it” with the fourth, unless they come up with an equally powerful concept. Initially, Álvaro Fernández-Armero and Juan Cavestany are already working on a new project, after the “feeling of completion” felt after taking the misadventures of the characters played by Javier Gutiérrez and Malena Alterio to the extreme. There are six new chapters that also borrow elements from other genres, such as the thriller.

By allusions, the protagonist praises the scripts, which “have many layers and are well directed, in a very real context that makes the viewer suffer and love them.” In the exchange of compliments, Fernández-Armero says that by giving Javier Gutiérrez so much humanity to the most shameful role, the writers and directors could “force the situation.” «He always knows how to give it warmth. With another we could not have come so far because it would be unpleasant.

Questioned in a separate room, as if he had done something wrong – creators on the one hand and actors on the other -, the interpreter says that his job is fair «to save the characters, to reach the viewer with all their miseries and contradictions, make them empathic ». “The great challenge of Nuria and Jesus is that, despite how they are, the viewer will take care of them,” he adds, before aligning with the victims, even if it is themselves: “We also talk about a couple in crisis, almost outside the company, excluded. They inspire me with tenderness and desire to help them ».

It is worth asking if the interpreters pass true shame and ask that the scripts be lightened. “On the contrary,” they respond in chorus. “We are very intrepid and go beyond what the script says,” continues Gutierrez, “because we have the feeling that the more we risk, the more the public enjoys.”

The most shameful scene
In spite of everything, both confess that there was a day when they did suffer true blush. «It was at the scene where we had sex with a fuet. Then it came out easy and fluid, but it was finished and… oh! ”Says Alterio. «Especially since the directors didn’t help much. It is one of those moments written to be interpreted to the letter and then it seemed too crude to them, when we only did what they had proposed, ”adds his partner.

The creators are not justified, but admit that they are “rare and peculiar.” «I think we are both bad enough. Álvaro scares me, ”jokes Cavestany, who sums up the third season (without revealing too much) as the“ how far can you get by shame ”check.

Despite the “extremism” of the proposal, what happens to Jesus “is still an X-ray of Spain,” says Javier Gutierrez. “I know people who do some of Jesus’ things and I recognize that envy and hatred, which is talked about a lot this season, is a national sport.”

On the genre itself, he says that comedy “is a very serious thing, which involves more risk than drama.” Alterio ends with the perfect phrase, especially because it was involuntary: «Without a well-built structure, you look lost. Also in the drama, but if a comedy is badly done, it is a shame. The couple’s laughs still rumble on the recorder. .


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