Javier Sanz leaves the Spanish Federation after having rescued her from the «broken bank»

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Javier Sanz, until today the economic vice president of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation has sent Julia Casanueva today his resignation to continue in office. It is vox puepuli that Sanz and the president had long since been disconnected and the former vice president has made a decision that he should have taken some time ago.

Javier Sanz, who took possession thanks to the Motion of Censorship that Julia Casanueva put to José Angel Rodríguez, leaves the Federation Saneada after having found her on the broken bench and from now on she will dedicate herself to what is the number one in the world , organize the Copa del Rey. Sanz has sent a letter to those who until now have been his companions, which we reproduce verbatim.

Dear companions:

I inform you that I have submitted my resignation to the president of the RFEV. At the moment I cannot assume the functions of vice president and treasurer that I have been performing in recent years with the intensity, dedication and enthusiasm that these positions demand.

It has been a pride to be with all of you on this Board of Directors. These years have been exciting and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in me, and to wish the people who replace me to enjoy the same loyalty with which you have clothed me. Even in the moments of greatest uncertainty, I have always had your support and, what is most important to me, with your affection.

As you well know, these last years have been intense. They began with a motion of censure to the then president (the first one that was presented in the history of the RFEV), after which I found a difficult patrimonial situation that had to be urgently addressed to start the institution’s sanitation process.

I can assure you I have done my best to meet the objectives we set at the time to move forward the federation in the economic area.

The first of these objectives was to clear the accounts and ensure that the balance sheets faithfully reflected the patrimonial situation of the institution.

The second was to assume the debtor and credit accounts, and proceed through agreements to liquidate these accounts.

The third purpose was based on restructuring and sizing the RFEV, with adjustments in the organization and definition of jobs in the different areas of the Madrid and Santander centers.

The fourth objective led us to propose the change of headquarters from Madrid to Santander, due to the duplication of functions and with the aim of seeking the profitability of the centers

The fifth, and last, was to provide the federation with the necessary administrative tools and processes for management control.

On the day of my farewell I can say that all these goals are met, which fills me with satisfaction. There are issues in life that cannot be addressed alone. The aforementioned goals have been crossed thanks to the efforts of the Board of Directors, the assembly members and the RFEV staff.

There are, of course, many things to do to get to have that federation that we all want. I am convinced that whoever receives this letter will do what is in your hands to improve it day by day.

I keep the good of this experience and prefer to ignore the bad, which has also been. I trust that some episodes that I have had to face since the vice presidency will never be repeated. Now, however, it is time to emphasize the positive: the RFEV has brought me knowledge, friends, experiences, emotions and many joys.

I’m at your service.

A cordial greeting .


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