Jawa has a new model in the Czech Republic, the RVM 500 touring enduro is already waiting at dealers

The elegant touring enduro RVM 500 by Jawa has a somewhat complicated pedigree, but we are sure that a number of potential customers will go to see it. The novelty is already waiting to be stocked at the sellers, with relatively nice parameters and price.

Unexpectedly, Týnecká Jawa introduced a novelty in its offer, which is the RVM 500 touring enduro originating from Argentina. Jawa thus continues the trend of recent years, when it introduces models imported from abroad on the Czech market – especially from China. And this is actually the case with the new RVM 500 by Jawa. And how did that actually happen?

Týnecká Jawa and the Argentine company RVM are long-term business partners who previously cooperated mainly in the import of classic Jawa models to the Latin American market. In addition, however, the Argentine company in its portfolio, of course with the blessing of the Czech Republic, also offered Chinese models, which had the name Jawa in the name.

At that time, RVM was still called Jawa Argentina, however, even after the name was changed to the current RVM, the ties were not broken. On the contrary – in the future, due to the introduction of the Argentine novelty on the Czech market, we can expect their strengthening. But this Argentine novelty is not entirely Argentine.

Like most of the motorcycles currently offered by RVM (formerly Jawa Argentina), the RVM 500 is based on a Chinese factory. Specifically, Tibet New Summit Motor CO., Ltd., which is one of the larger local manufacturers. However, the import of similar Argentine Jawa / RVM machines to the Czech Republic could not be discussed for a long time.

Already in the past, there was a demand in Europe for motorcycles offered in Argentina by RVM, which bore the logo of the traditional Czech motorcycle manufacturer JAWA. Unfortunately, the legislation associated with type-approval and the high cost of transporting motorcycles to Europe have made their sale in Europe unrealistic,“Says a press release from Jawa. However, this is changing with the new generation of RVM machines.


Not only in Argentina, stricter rules for emissions and homologation of new machines have come into force in recent years, which probably contributed to the fact that the new RVM 500 project took into account the requirements of the Argentine and European markets.

Although the production takes place in China, from there the finished machines will be transported independently and without unnecessary stops to Argentina and Europe. And what’s more – the new machines have long been in stock at Czech dealers and are waiting for their customers.

The RVM 500 by Jawa touring enduro wants to offer above all versatility and comfort, which will surely be appreciated by all those interested in similar machines. Under a fairly elegant European-style hood is a four-stroke liquid-cooled two-cylinder with a volume of 471 cc with a six-speed transmission, which is based on the concept of the Honda CB 500 engine.

The engine offers a maximum power of 32.5 kW (approx. 44 hp) at 8500 rpm, maximum torque 40.5 Nm at 6500 rpm. and the maximum speed should be 150 km / h. Approximate consumption should be around 3.8 l / 100 km and the tank can hold up to 20 liters of fuel.

Compared to the Argentine model, there was a slight reduction in power, which was conditioned by the stricter European standard Euro 4. Just for comparison, we can add that the Argentine model offers a maximum output of 49 hp at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 43 Nm at 7000 rpm (+/- some to percentage).

The motorcycle is about 2200 mm long, 1400 mm high, 935 mm wide and the wheelbase is 1479 mm. The height of the saddle is 820 mm, the dry machine weighs 178 kilograms and its load capacity should be around 188 kilograms. The machine received tubeless rims with Metzeler tires with dimensions of 110 / 80-19 at the front and 150 / 70-17 at the rear. The original Nissin disc brakes (300 mm front, 240 mm rear) with ABS take care of stopping and the front fork comes from the Japanese company Kayaba.

The launch of the model on the Czech market was to be planned from the spring, but the Týnec company kept it under wraps for a long time so as not to deprive the popular Indian trio, which it expects to be more interested, to pay attention to. The novelty thus went unnoticed on the market. “The first enduro are already physically at the dealers and immediately available,“Revealed Jiří Kraft, Jawa’s sales manager.

So if you look on the Internet, you can easily find out that the new motorcycle is available from the price of CZK 154,840. The price includes customers with a drop frame, central stand, rear trunk carrier, protective cover under the engine, two fuel maps or a rich dashboard with USB and 12 V socket, altimeter, range indication, consumption indicator, etc.

But if you would like to have the machine in the photos, you will have to pay extra for a set of Loboo aluminum suitcases with holders, which will cost another CZK 22,630.


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