Jawlensky, Morandi, Miró and Winogrand, great protagonists of the Mapfre Foundation in 2021




The MAPFRE Foundation has presented his cultural programming by 2021. In total, at its headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona, will organize twelve exhibitions in which some of the great names in contemporary painting and photography will meet: from Alekséi von Jawlensky to Giorgio Morandi, passing through Joan Miró, Garry Winogrand or Claudia Andujar, among others.

“Princess Turandot”, by Alexéi von Jawlensky – Paul Klee Center

The Foundation will open 2021 with the exhibitions Jawlensky. The landscape of the face » and a sample of the Japanese photographer Tomoko Yoneda, which can be visited at the Recoletos Hall in Madrid from February 11. The first one covers the career of the Russian painter Alekséi von Jawlensky (1864-1941) from his origins and the beginning of his career in Munich to the transformation that his painting undergoes in Switzerland and his last years in the German city of Wiesbaden.

«From the series, Scene, Seascape»
«From the series, Scene, Seascape» – Tomoko Yoneda, courtesy of the artist

The Yoneda exhibition offers, for the first time in Spain, an extensive tour of the work of this Japanese photographer through one hundred and twelve images, and focuses on some of her latest work. Along with his best-known series, a new series on the Civil war and the figure of Garcia Lorca as a result of a specific commission from Fundación MAPFRE for this exhibition.

«Susi Korihana thëri»
«Susi Korihana thëri» – Claudia Andujar

In Barcelona, KBr Photography Center will begin its programming for next year with the largest exhibition dedicated to date to the work of Claudia Andujar. The artist has used her work as a form of commitment to the world that surrounds her and, also, as a way of knowing the other and, in this way, also knowing herself. The exhibition brings together around three hundred photographs and a series of drawings made by the Yanomami people, as well as books, audiovisual projections and documents, which explore the extraordinary contribution of the artist to the environment. In addition, in Space 2 of the KBr you can visit «The captive look. The daguerreotype collection of the Image Research and Diffusion Center (CRDI) –Girona ».

“Brown Sisters, 2013” – Nicholas Nixon. Courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

As of May 29, the work of the North American will be exhibited in Barcelona Garry Winogrand, a key figure in the renewal of documentary photography, and the series of Nicholas Nixon “Brown Sisters”, with which the Foundation presents part of the funds of its collection.

“Elephant and Castle Tube Station” – Bill Brandt / Bill Brandt Archive Ltd

Returning to Madrid, the Recoletos Hall will host, from June 4, the exhibitions “Bill Brandt and Miró: Poem”, which shows, through twenty paintings, illustrated books and handwritten poems, the relationship that Joan Miró had with poetry.

«Mona Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania» (1996)
«Mona Park, Allentown, Pennsylvania» (1996) – Judith Joy Ross, courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne

At the end of the year, on September 26, two exhibitions will open in the Recoletos Room. The first, “Giorgio Morandi”, which makes an exhaustive tour of the work of the Italian author, one of the most significant and unclassifiable for the history of 20th century art. The second presents the largest retrospective to date of the American photographer Judith Joy Ross, in which the photographic archive that the artist has been developing during the last thirty years is explored.

“Self-portrait” (1925) – Giorgio Morandi, VEGAP, Madrid, 2020

Finally, at the KBr photography center in Barcelona, ​​starting on September 29, you can enjoy the work of Paolo Gasparini, considered one of the most emblematic contemporary Latin American photographers and, without a doubt, one of those who has best captured the cultural tensions and contradictions of Latin America.

“Militiaman” Trinidad, Cuba (1961) – Paolo Gasparini

During the presentation, Nadia Arroyo, Director of Culture of the Mapfre Foundation, he assured that “we have worked hard so that the crisis caused by Covid-19 does not mean a regression to culture and for us it is important to recover activity in everything that the pandemic allows, attending, of course, to the maximum protections for the health, both for visitors and for all of us behind each activity, making it possible.

Arroyo also highlighted that, in the case of the Mapfre Foundation, “the pandemic has led us to accelerate a transformation that we had on the table: the need to be more transversal, more compact in what we offer to the public. We want our visitor to be able to see in the same space, in the same building, both 19th or early 20th century painting, as well as the work of a consecrated contemporary photographer. For this reason, we are going to concentrate our activity and, as of January, we will present the two lines of programming, at the same time, in our rooms in Recoletos ». Likewise, Arroyo stressed that in Barcelona they maintain the KBr project “as we have conceived it”.

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