Jaws are not only regulated in the Czech Republic. Take a look at some interesting examples from around the world

Of course, Jawa motorcycles are not only popular with us. It is a well-known fact that the motorcycles of this brand are currently experiencing great success in India, but the traditional manufacturer also has fans in other parts of the world.

Popularity is also related to the existence of people who modify Jawa machines in various ways. Or at least modifications and custom versions suggest.

Indian Java itself even recently published a call on social networks, in which it encouraged fans to design their own “custom” Java. And she subsequently appreciated the best visions, among which the projects of café racers, scramblers and touring machines appeared. Selected pictures from this nice competition can be found in the gallery.

In any case, the winner was Soheil Kalarickal, who designed a café racer based on the Forty Two model. Milind Solanki with an adventurous-looking bik and Shri Lohar, who turned Java into a sports scrambler, also made it to the finals.

In addition, an interesting competition gave us the idea to look for real custom Jawa motorcycles, ie not just a few designs. And ideally outside the Czech Republic. You can find our selection in the gallery.

You can see a motorcycle with retro shapes, built by the London company Bolt Motorcycles in cooperation with the British representation of the Czech brewery Budvar. The result should be reminiscent of Jaws from the 1930s to the 1960s. However, the ČZ 250/485 export model served as the basis. It is interesting that the motorcycle was seen in 2018 in the brewery in České Budějovice, where it arrived on its own from London.

Two remarkable motorcycles with the Jawa logo were also created in Ukraine. The first, minimalist black bike with a chrome tank, was built by Doze Garage’s workshop, and a bobber with a patina was created by a dresser called Cranberry.

And as a bead we can connect a strangely modified Jawa 350 from the German company Urban Motor. It is probably reminiscent of old motorcycles designed to achieve the highest possible speed.


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