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Jaz Hayat’s car was burglarized and all items disappeared, this is the condition

by archyde

Singer Jazz Hayat shared a video when his car was burglarized. The incident occurred in the Kemang area, South Jakarta.

Jaz Hayat shows the condition of his luxury car which was burglarized by a thief. The thief stole the contents of the car by breaking the left side window right where the second row passenger seat was.

It is suspected that the incident occurred on the night of August 13, 2022. Jazz Hayat told the incident he was eating at one of the restaurants after returning from an event.



Jaz made sure his car was parked not far from the location where he had dinner.

Last night, after the event was over, we were really hungry and stopped by to eat at Kemang even though the parking distance wasn’t far from where to eat. When we got back to the car, we realized that the glass was broken and the items were missing.,” wrote Jaz seen on Monday (15/8/2022).

Jaz Hayat’s car window shattered and filled the interior of the car. In the video, several people are seen cleaning up the broken glass that filled the Jaz car seat.

Having experienced this incident, Jaz Hayat reminded him not to be careless and feel relaxed leaving things in the car.

Lesson never leave anything in the car. The incident in front of waroeng aceh kemang, for those of you who play here, be more careful with your vehicles, guyspesan Jaz Hayat.


In order to outsmart the broken car window, at the time of the incident, the part of the window whose glass was broken by the thief was covered with cardboard and materials such as parachutes.

Also concerned bro,” said Ardan Naff.

“Parahh,” commented Rey Mbayang.

Bro, be patient, God willing, it will be replaced many times over with God,” wrote Irvan Farhad.

Astaghfirullah,” wrote Ari Lesmana.

What the? Dude! Those who are patient, God willing, will be replaced many times over,” commented Ahmad Abdul.

Wow that’s true,” said Audrey Tapiheru.

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