Jazz accused of mistreating Cayden, this video makes a huge bad buzz

Following this video where we see Jazz being hit by Cayden, Internet users were shocked and the JLC Family candidate made a new bad buzz …

After Jessica Thivenin of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5 who is accused of being a bad mother by internet users and gave a huge rant right here, it’s Jazz’s turn to be in turmoil! Indeed, the candidate who is currently filming with her family for season 3 of the JLC Family to find in the coming months in diffusion on TFX broadcast a video on her Snapchat account where Chelsea was putting nail polish on her brother Cayden. The son of Jazz thus attacked her by hitting her after being scolded, and the writing of melty lets you discover the controversial images below.

So, we can see Jazz shocked that her son hits him several times, and reacted by also kicking him. By insisting that the polish was only for girls and throwing the phrase “You’re a boy”, Jazz has attracted the wrath of internet users! The video ended up as Top Trending on Twitter, creating a real bad buzz on social networks. Some condemn the kick launched by Jazz while others protest against the varnish affair. The young woman should not take long to react … Discover also here the big announcement of Jazz and Laurent, who are about to adopt a third child.

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